Sage & Merritt Leadership Coaching

The partnership of Rebecca Dechert Sage and Julia Merritt represents over four decades of hands-on library experience, from paging and programming to building branches and transforming public service in rural, small city, and large urban settings. Based on their extensive experience with navigating the challenges of learning on the job and balancing the personal and professional, Julia and Rebecca focus on supporting you with tools in your arsenal, customized to your organization and skill set.

Each potential relationship starts with a FREE initial conversation to determine areas of focus and how we can best support your success.

Sessions will typically be scheduled online, however on-site, in-person services are available for an additional travel fee. Please ask!

Onboarding new CEOs

Library Boards are often in the very unique situation of trying to train a Library CEO whilst not having the needed expertise to do so. We help new CEOs ask astute questions and identify key ways to jump into the thick of things.

  1. Onboarding Package: The first days of a new CEO’s job are typically filled with tours, introductions and learning to use specialized software. Extending beyond these basic “survival” skills, our package of 5 sessions includes coverage of key areas of focus: essential documents, working for a Library Board and with a Municipality, Municipal Budgets, Facilities, and how to overcome common leadership hurdles. Additional customization based on the specific Library is available. $625, includes 5 one-hour sessions
  2. Board Preparation: With a focus on building a compassionate, empathetic and successful working relationship between the Library Board and the new CEO, this training session with the Library Board will cover establishing suitable expectations, boundaries, and help to develop goals for the first year of this crucial partnership. Add this session to the Onboarding Package for $150.


  1. Leadership Development: Suitable for new CEO roles, aspiring leaders, and ideal for succession planning, this package covers leadership on both theoretical and practical levels from our unique self-awareness, health, and well-being perspective. $625, package of 5 one hour sessions.
  2. Extended Leadership Development and Support: Combines the Leadership Development package with an additional 5 sessions of leadership support, scheduled every 2-4 weeks. $1000, package of 10 sessions.
  3. Customized Individual Sessions: For real-time and retrospective problem solving and coaching. $150 per 90 minute session.

Combo Package: Combines the CEO Onboarding AND Leadership Development modules. Perfect for succession planning; send your high-potential staff and managers to lay the groundwork for future leadership success! $1000

Beyond Coaching: Framing Internal Projects

  1. Assisting an organization with
    • Staff reorganization, succession planning and staff development
    • Change management: planning for service implementation for success in achieving strategic plan goals
    • Drafting clear procurement documents
    • Please note: at this time, Sage & Merritt do not offer formal strategic planning consultation, facility plans, or master-planning type exercises. 

Being a leader is hard.

Everyone should have someone in their corner.

Contact us today to discuss how we can best support you. 

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