Rebecca Dechert Sage

Support for new Library CEOs and aspiring leaders.


The public library sector is undergoing a profound transformation as significant numbers of CEOs retire and are replaced. This has left major gaps in our sector’s knowledge and ability to develop and succeed. The need for progressive leaders who are able to step confidently into the role is great, and there is a steep learning curve when new CEOs are on-boarded.

Rebecca has partnered with Julia Merritt, CEO of Stratford Public Library, to provide customized training and support for public library CEOs and managers. Together they represent over 4 decades of hands-on library experience, from paging and programming to building branches and transforming public service in rural, small city, and large urban settings. 

Based on their extensive experience with navigating the challenges of learning on the job and balancing the personal and professional, Julia and Rebecca focus on supporting you with tools in your arsenal, customized to your organization and skill set.

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If old ways won’t open new doors, how come it’s always a representative of “the way we’ve always done things” who ends up trying to train the new CEO? 

Rebecca Dechert Sage has worked in public libraries in various capacities for 23 years.  She worked her way up from Student Page to CEO.  She had the required years of experience, the Masters Degree, and checked all the boxes, but found herself woefully unprepared for the lonely and entirely new landscape of being a CEO. 

With almost a decade of experience as a CEO under her belt, and as a workplace trauma survivor, Rebecca is dedicated to providing new CEOs with the tools they need to be successful in the role.  (The ones nobody tells you about in Library School.)

She has heard it all, from “you can’t have a young family and be a CEO” to “you’re not tough enough”, and is here to encourage you that you CAN do these things and thrive while showing up as your true self.


Rebecca Dechert Sage

Light the way with your magic, so others can follow behind you.

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